Inland Revenue Reviews Case Study

Upon personal recommendation from another satisfied client, we were contacted by a significant employer in the South West following an Inland Revenue PAYE investigation.
Following the initial review, the Inspector provided the client with a 12 page letter detailing potential issues and requesting additional information.

To provide the data would have caused the client significant time and resource logistical problems. Issues identified in the correspondence centred in the main on mileage records for company car drivers, Director’s travel and subsistence claims, share scheme, secondment and relocation payments, as well as client and staff entertaining costs.

Our client based upon this original letter, was faced with a likely demand for a SIX FIGURE sum in settlement of the Inspector’s perceived liabilities.

Using our KMPG experience, together with our Inland Revenue “insider” knowledge, we were able to minimise the administrative burden and reduce the final liability to less than £25K, which included interest and penalty additions.

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