Efficient Employee Payments

This is a simple idea where we replace an element of taxable gross pay with a non-taxable/nicable subsistence payment. However, as with all simple ideas – the devil is in the detail.

We always secure Inland Revenue clearance before the scheme goes live – thus reducing the risk to a minimum.

In October 2003 we helped a client with 200 mobile employees implement one of our PAYE/NIC planning opportunities. As a result, our client generated real ANNUAL year on year savings in excess of £250,000.

This client has since implementation been subject of a random PAYE/NIC inspection and has been given a clean bill of health.

In order for this to be a cost effective opportunity, from our experience we recommend this to be beneficial for businesses with more than 30 mobile/site based employees.

If you have less than 30 such employees all is not lost. We have an alternative approach which can generate an annual tax rebate.

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